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Join us at NSTA 2016


We’re packing our bags to head to Nashville next week! NSTA is one of our favorite events each year and I am certain it is going to be anther fantastic year working with teachers from around the country to improve our practice.

Presenting in Boston in 2014.

Presenting in Boston in 2014.

Differentiated learning opportunities are a big part of effectively creating an inquiry learning environment. Each student comes to a concept with different background knowledge and concrete experiences. Allowing each student to access a single concept from their own unique perspective while they struggle to reach the next step along the path to authentic understanding (whatever that step may be) is the focus of our presentation next week.


How does practice, abstraction and differentiation look when we try to develop competency in math in our students? This math literacy, or numeracy, is more than simply asking them to calculate a mean each time they conduct an experiment. We’ll consider what it takes, how we as teachers can support our students in the process and hopefully see a cool way to run an experiment while we’re at it.


Looking forward to seeing you all in Nashville! We’ll be presenting Friday afternoon at 12:30 in Cumberland Meeting Room 3.


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