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Hot Off the Presses


I was quite excited this morning to check my research feed and find a great new bit of work on the efficacy of inquiry, problem-based learning and science practice. A true experiment was conducted to measure the impact of inquiry curricula on student success. They consider the NGSS, science practices, maintained control groups and used many measurement points. Wow it’s good stuff.


Bringing inquiry to your classroom is the first step. Support for inquiry in your department is even bigger.

As stated by the authors as they conclude the abstract: “The study findings suggest that curriculum materials, district involvement, and support for teachers’ implementation of new forms of instruction are important for realizing the vision and key principles of the Framework in the context of a large and diverse urban school district.”

Professional development and strong curricular support are important for success in an NGSS world. It appears we have another entry in the stack of research that supports inquiry methods in both PD and classroom content. Perhaps we didn’t need one more, but it’s good to stay current.


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