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The Differentiation Update: It’s Just Like Riding a Bike


Many children can ride a bicycle. Some of those children can ride with no hands, but others still need some practice with training wheels. Parents don’t look at a child using training wheels and say, “Oh no, they’ll never ride a bicycle!” The same is true with teaching science: Students need time and practice to learn. Our reaction to student practice should be the same as riding bikes.

Biology Rocks has always provided guidance that promotes inquiry and experimentation in the life science classroom. With Edition 2.2 we have renewed our commitment to ensuring those experiences provide appropriate difficulty for every student sitting in the classroom.


Children progress at different rates. Why shouldn’t we adapt our teaching to their learning?

In what we are informally calling the “Differentiation Update”, we are providing fresh materials that will help teachers differentiate their assessments as they target specific competencies in their students. We are also helping teachers unfamiliar with the experiments get their resources with abounding hyperlinks throughout the text. Readers are never more than one click away from vendors who will ship whatever they need for a procedure. We’ve also included one new lab to revamp the animal behavior experiment, because new labs totally rock!

BioRx 2.2 Cover

Grab a copy of Biology Rocks! Ed2.2 right now and get excited to do science all over again.


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