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Edition 2.1: Coming to a Lab Near You This Week!


Are you back in the swing of things for second semester yet? Looking for some new labs? Biology Rocks has you covered with Edition 2.1!

As we mentioned before, Michael and Shannon have been hard at work on a Winter Edition 2.1 of “Biology Rocks!” and we’re excited to bring it to you this week! It’s full of some of the same content you’ll find in Edition 2, along with many minor updates and most importantly, two new labs that teach essential skills through inquiry.

A new microscopy lab gives staining techniques, hits on organelle function and placement, and enhances students’ microscope skills. It is its own lab, but improves on the effectiveness of the existing Yeast Multicellularity lab you’ll find in Edition 2.

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 8.45.08 PM

Edition 2’s Yeast Multicellularity Lab setup.

There’s also a brand new behavior lab that is easy to prepare and budget conscious. In this transpiration lab, students will make quantitative observations about microscopic stomata over multiple days. The lab covers information and skills you won’t see in many other labs that is required by Next Generation Science Standards.

We’re putting the finishing touches on Edition 2.1 and plan to have it ready to go this week! Check the Facebook, Twitter and BiologyRocks.org to see it soon!


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