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Winter Update – BioRx 2.1


It has been an incredible semester. So many different teachers across the country have given Biology Rocks! Edition 2 such support. We hope your semesters have been that much better with these resources at your disposal. We’d like to show just how much we appreciate your support, so we are releasing new content over the break!

Santa's not the only one who's been hard at work.

Santa’s not the only one who’s been hard at work.

We’ll be updating several existing labs with new techniques and additional alternatives to provide even more options to each reader. We are most excited to offer TWO brand new experiments that will be added to the newest edition. They will be new sections that have been in development and are ready for everyone to try. Want a sneak peek? Check out this image… can you tell what it is?

One part plant behavior, another part tissue structure...

One part plant behavior, another part tissue structure…

The education community has provided terrific support over the last six months, and that support is coming back to all of you! Stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook, and we’ll let you know when the update is ready for download. Biology Rocks! Edition 2.1 can be downloaded free of cost (just like 2.0 is now), so check it out soon.


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