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Why Let Readers Decide


Since we announced that the newest edition of Biology Rocks! would be offered in a pay-what-you-can model, I have been asked why we broke from traditional distribution methods.  It was a big decision for us as a company to be sure.  The full explanation has references to disruptive business models and other… blah blah blah.  The central motivating reason behind the change is more significant.  All of us at Biology Rocks want to help more teachers.


Throughout the lifetime of the first edition we have worked with a number of motivated educators who have painted the full spectrum from entry-level to veteran and life science specialist to teachers with six preps or more every day.  Every practicing teacher, regardless of their professional journey, has to make difficult decisions regarding the allocation of their monetary resources.  Every time a teacher was excited to use our materials to implement more inquiry I became excited right along with them.  Each time a teacher was forced to forgo using Biology Rocks! because they could not spare the money in their budget, I was more sad than if they had simply not been interested in the first place.  Shannon and I agreed that we did not want to be sad when talking with readers any more.


Image by Petr Kratochvil

It’s an anxious time for me, but an exhilarating one as well.  I have faith in my colleagues.  I think that teachers will bend over backwards to support things in which they believe, and I know many of you believe in supporting inquiry learning.  At the end of the day, even if the business decision fails I am certain more teachers will get the resources they need to improve their teaching.  And I would bend over backwards to support inquiry learning as well, so that’s enough for me.


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