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The Rivalry of the Finch


A rivalry can bond and motivate even the most incongruous personalities. We see it throughout history: The Border Wars started a rivalry between the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri in the 1850s. Today the bloodshed of the Civil War is long gone but the competition still lingers. It pushes student athletes at both schools to compete for victory and the vast body of student fans to come together in support of their athletes. The Finch has the same effect in our Biology Rocks classrooms.

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The Finch with a brand new plaque recognizing this year’s top class.


It’s a simple concept: create a friendly competition between two different classes to motivate the students to out-score one another on the Advanced Placement Biology test. We presented the idea to students three years ago, but they’ve been the ones to bring life to The Finch. It’s their ambitious nature that keeps the competition going throughout the year. When the Olathe East students discreetly ask about Dodge City’s pre-test scores or the Dodge City kids proudly sport their class t-shirts, they show their commitment to the AP test and The Finch.


This year’s DCHS AP Biology t-shirt. Notice the class on the left: “-Trophy, + Losers”

Throughout the year, The Finch is just one of many things in an AP class that brings together a formerly un-bonded group of students with one goal in mind: achieve the highest AP score possible to top the other class, and have fun while they’re doing it.

So here’s to this year’s winner of The Finch, Dodge City High School’s 2013-2014 AP Biology students. Their class average score was 3.25. We’re already looking forward to another great year of competition and learning. We can’t wait to get the 2014-2015 kids charged up about the next test!


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